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Taking Back the Family Weekend

With the economy suffering and putting constrictions on the family budget, the prospect of taking a major vacation trip slowly fading, perhaps the time has come to explore weekend trips that the family can make together while also making a huge difference in the world.

For those who want to have a change of scene, but not just to sit around, but to contribute to global community, there are options:

Your family can get involved in Habitat for Humanity weekend projects that may be happening right within your community. You will see the fruits of your weekend labours and also get to teach your son that giving back is a lifetime commitment. With more than 1,500 Habitat affiliates located in all of the 50 United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, building and rebuilding homes to help fight the battle of poverty and lack of housing means that your volunteer labour is always needed. You will return home with a renewed sense of community spirit and memories that will last longer than a trip to an amusement park while knowing that you really have made a difference in someone else's life.

If this may be a little too adventurous, then there are many volunteer opportunities that families can participate in that may be just a short trip from home: Volunteering at a local animal shelters is something that can be for every age. Your son can assist with playing with the animals and socializing with them, while learning at the same time, while also quelling any fears they themselves may have. Many of the shelter animals long for human touch and kindness, alongside patience and understanding and shelters are always looking for volunteers to help.

Local nursing homes are always in need of entertainment for the residents. You can work with a nursing home or elder care facility in your area to perform a short skit or musical performance sing-a-long with the residents. Putting together a play or short performance is a wonderful way to prepare for the weekend outing and put smiles on the faces of some residents who may be in need of a diversion. It's a chance to let the creative members of your family (and maybe their friends) get their teeth stuck into something, while brightening the day of somebody.

When the weather is nice you may want to organize a family ride to a part of your community in need of a clean-up. Bring along bags to gather roadside garbage and collect empty bottles or cans that can be recycled. Your son can keep the change from the recycled stuff and witness firsthand that pitching in really does pay off.

Bring a camera along as you ride into a neighbouring town or village. Organize the photos into a scrapbook and have the youngest ones do some research and discover the history of the town. They can add the history next to the photos to transform it into a keepsake of where they have been and what it was like years ago. You can revisit from time to time so that the youngest ones can update the keepsake book and see how the area is changing.

Weekend breaks for family fun don't have to be expensive when you look for ways to make a difference by donating your time and talents as you educate your family about the needs within your own communities.

A weekend getaway is a fabulous way to put the world on hiatus and renew family bonds. The ordinary, everyday schedule can be extremely stressful when parents and sons have commitments and responsibilities that prevent quality time with each other. Escaping for a weekend is a great way to relax and simply enjoy each other. Weekend getaways can be prepared to fit into any budget and schedule when various longer vacations cannot.

Ground Rules
It may be constructive for the entire family to create a list of "dos and don'ts" for the extended weekend. One example might be to leave electronics at home. If a cell phone is compulsory for an emergency circumstance, it can be left in the "off" position. Another idea is to ban all negativity. There should be no discussion of the last report card grades or who doesn't like someone's friend. This is a time for laughter, smiles, and excitement with each other that is full of affirmative experiences.

Take into Consideration
Constructing a plan is essential to ensure a tranquil weekend. Parents must decide if they would like to surprise their brood or include them in the preparation. Deciding how long is spent in transit is important. Make certain to take full advantage of the time doing fun things together and not traveling for the bulk of it.

Since this is a mini-vacation for the entire family, make sure to incorporate at least one activity that each person will enjoy...Something unique just for him or her. These amazing weekends are perfect for produce memories that will last a lifetime.

Since each family is distinctive, there is no right or wrong answer when choosing the destination for a weekend getaway. It can be as undemanding or as extravagant as time and budget allow. To spend very little money and stay close to home, reserving a hotel room in a nearby city may be just the thing the family needs. Be sure the hotel includes a pool and either movie rental or DVD access. Once there, hours can be spent playing in the pool as a family, ordering take out, and watching movies. A Bed and Breakfast could be substituted as well. They tend to go to great extremes to make your stay unforgettable.

Camping is an additional reasonably priced weekend outing. Without the distractions from home such as television, phones, console games, and so forth, families can spend uninterrupted time together hiking, swimming, playing board games, and telling campfire stories. The young ones love to hear stories about when mom and dad were little. Camping is a versatile option because there are lots of campsites across the entire United States.

No matter where a family weekend break may end up, make the most of the time together and cherish each and every moment with each other.